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Welcome to the Intermountain Commercial Record/Salt Lake Times Published 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday - Call 801-972-5642 for Logon and Demonstration. The Intermountain Commercial Record & The Salt Lake Times is a newspaper of record for Salt Lake County Public Notice and abstracts of Utah's court cases, Federal and State Tax ...

Intermountain Commercial Record Newspaper

Then, as now, oregon has a lot of northsouth flyover traffic going between california and portlandseattlevancouver. Humidity at altitude is very difficult to measure unless you are actually there. The way these trees suddenly died greatly concerned me and i decided to have a urine test for heavy metals, i also insisted on my son and daughter who live with me having a test.

Among the projects the agency is funding research on pumping carbon dioxide from power plants into coal seams, and studies on ways to soak up carbon dioxide with trees, which incorporate the gas into roots and branches. As for the reference to perth, i simply observed a single standard chemtrail directly over a city. If the sky were not the same, then you would easily see it in peoples photographs.

Some scientists suggest tinkering with earths climate, a solution known as geoengineering. I have spent my life flying model aircraft, i now do some paragliding and have become very familiar with the sky and can promise i never saw these untill recently. All those missions and we do not have one decent photo of what the mainstream considers a perfectly normal event? Over esperance and all over the world entire skys are being filled till they are an opaque white that lasts all day.

Despite being a trusted source only 2 miles away they often report wrongly, especialy visibility estimates. Ken is a member of the sons and daughters of montana pioneers, and the montana historical society. So you only have a very vague idea of what the humidity was at a particular point and a particular time.

Were you living in the same place? What time periods are we talking about? Now, if persistent contrail formation depends on the presence of moisture in the air, then is it surprising that you would see more of them ahead of a weather front bringing rain? Think about it when does the sky have the most moisture in it? Its when its overcast with clouds so you cant see the contrails. If you enjoy helena as she was, these are the people to thank! Penney archives, degolyer library, southern methodist university this site is educational and non-commercial in nature. I was going by the article you posted a link to, which detailed all the tests that had been carried out.

I dont know what these funny clouds are, because i cant see them. You see lots of these types of photos when people try to debunk chemtrails, the believers say that engines back then were less efficient, so produced more trails. Except in this case, there has not been a bank robbery, and there has just been normal traffic. This morning i woke to find the sky full of building cumulus but the air was thick with a pollutant which caused the blue part of sky to be nasty greyblue. Both our positions on this gives support to the chemtrail argument.

The Record::: The Salt Lake Times

The Intermountain Commercial Record & The Salt Lake Times publishes Court and Commercial information used by professionals and the general public. Included in the newspaper are the latest Judgments, Satisfactions, Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Mechanic's Liens.

Intermountain Commercial Record Newspaper

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Welcome to Helena As She Was: Online since 2006, this extensive local history website is the product of over 100 individual contributors of photographs and other material, which they have generously shared.
Intermountain Commercial Record Newspaper It was abc news that did an article on morgellons. I do not expect you to be able to explain the condition of the sky here but i see you are fairly sure there is probably nothing going on. Mt hood, Firstly, there are a lot of flights over scotland. I sent photographs of these chemtrails to carnicom. If you have photographs of helena or the surrounding area that you would like to share via this site, please contact me. One idea is to harness the power of plankton, tiny ocean plants that absorb carbon dioxide, In fact on the 13th april 2008 i observed one contrail starting and stopping directly over the city of perth this being a relativly clear sky on that occasion, the existance of clouds making no material difference.
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    All those missions and we do not have one decent photo of what the mainstream considers a perfectly normal event? Over esperance and all over the world entire skys are being filled till they are an opaque white that lasts all day. The results of these tests horrified me and confirmed my fears regarding the jet trails. My gardener has readily agreed to take a test and will this weekend ask his grown children to involve themselves. Surely if these bombers were not leaving persisting contrails then you would be able to find a photo (from the ground) of them leaving short contrails? If you cant find one of them leaving short contrails, then why should i be able to find a photo of them leaving long contrails (besides the ones above). If you believe that some contrails can persist and spread out, then why would this not happen in wwii? And why post photos of normal contrails, when you know that contrails can persist for varying amounts of time, depending on the weather conditions in the volume of air where the contrail forms? Im still on the fence with this.

    The exposure and resolution is a also a lot better than your old family snapshots. I can almost predict when we will see some trails by looking at the weather forecast. Now you dont actually have to do this, you can just find someone else who has, and take their figures. Uncinus, again i have no hard data to prove caroline is an angel, it was just a wee touch of apophenia which was chemtrailing my view. The log building still stands added are two beautiful ca.

    This, of course is great, but the worry being that they are now a fairly regular occurrence and there are a few clouds which are not in the book. Also the stream behind my house has reduced in size, almost dry in the winter just past. Days that started of with clear blue skies would before midday turn white with these jet fumes. I am not interested in providing rainfall figures i just know contrary to what has been said that we had unbelievable rainfall last year where i live, it being the bane of my life, one reason i get fed up with this climate. My local military base does an hourly observation of rain, visibility etc. Helenas history, recreatonal activities and commerce are highlighted through the character of bob stanley, one of the four georgians who discovered gold in last chance gulch in 1864. This alone should raise the question-why? They cant all be nuts. This is done with as few as 20-30 aircraft passes over head. In business from 1962 to 1972 a major update of the marlow theatre feature, including newspaper accounts of the planning and construction of helenas late, beloved showplace a description of the theater when new notable stage performers and more st. Some scientists suggest tinkering with earths climate, a solution known as geoengineering.

    Archival Photographs from UM. Images in this collection include UM campus students, buildings and events, and scenes from around Missoula, Montana, and the region.

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    New York, 1994, New York, July 1, 1992 Persisting and Spreading Contrail. Mt Hood, Oregon, October 1964, Ed’s JG Photos Mt Hood, July 15th 1985, Rob DeGraff